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Work in the Financial Services industry

Despite the booms and busts of the industry, the Financial Services market has remained a highly sought-after career destination for ambitious professionals. Each sector provides an avenue of career development, creativity, and the opportunity to be involved with one of the most dynamic and forward thinking industries in the world.

The aim of this article isn’t to persuade people to pursue a career within the industry; it’s to show that, although working life can be very demanding, employees in the industry are rewarded for their input. This article runs through some of the rewarding benefits that come with working in Finance.

1. The availability of a wide range of roles, and specialisms

The financial services industry is diverse, spanning a broad variety of different sectors. Within each of these sectors there are a range of divisions, and it is not uncommon to experience different specialisms within that division. Once you have experience under your belt, you have the opportunity to move into other lines of the business. Enjoy problem-solving and tough challenges that let you use analytical rigour? Become a Financial Analyst. Ready to map things out and think long-term? Get to work as a Certified Financial Planner. The financial services industry offers young professionals an incredible amount of choice in the work they do – which also means room to explore.

2. The opportunity to gain qualifications

Jobs in finance tend to include mandatory study towards industry specific qualifications. For example, as a Financial Adviser or a Paraplanner, you will work towards your level 4 diploma qualification. Mortgage adviser roles require the CeMap qualifications. The diversity of roles available accommodates different skill sets, which means you can find opportunities to add new skills, while building those you already possess.

3. High levels of job satisfaction

For many professionals in the financial services industry, the knowledge that they are doing meaningful work is a highly motivating factor in their daily role. At all levels, the financial services industry plays a key role in maintaining the workings on the UK economy, and the work they do daily vividly illustrates its importance.

Roles such a financial adviser, involve helping people plan for retirement, helping people secure a mortgage or a family’s dream home, reap high levels of job satisfaction allowing professionals to directly assist people of all financial backgrounds achieve their lifetime goals.

4. The opportunity for career progression

The fast-pace working career that comes with a role in the financial services industry is unparalleled. Constant innovation creates a fast-paced working day, meaning that you never stop learning. The dynamic character of this industry creates streams of opportunity when it comes to advancement in your career- this makes a very promising industry for young, aspiring professionals, as high performers can move ahead fast.

5. A career in finance tends to pay a good salary

Depending on the type of career you pursue within finance, your salary can offer as much potential as the types of work within the industry.

Many financial firms also offer generous bonus’ on an annual basis. This does tend to be discretionary, but is often a reflection of employee performance.

This post was originally published on the Recruit UK Website

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