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How to shine as the perfect candidate

So maybe things are not looking great at work, or you really need a new challenge or simply feel like a change in your career path. Here at cranberry towers, we are experts in finding digital superstars and finding amazing ecommerce jobs.

We are always happy to help ecommerce professionals with their next career move, but there are a few things that you can do from your side that will make you stand out even more. Have a look at our five panda pointers to make you an interesting, tough, noticeable, likeable and trustworthy prospect employee.

1) Hobbies make you interesting

When an employer has a vacancy on their team, they are obviously looking for the perfect match from a competency point of view. But presenting yourself as an interesting AND capable candidate can’t possibly hurt, right?

A recruitment expert working at Google claimed that employers are drawn towards applications which contain details that make a person stand out as interesting. So go on, be a bit bold and add a little section about your hobbies at the bottom of your CV. As long as your hobbies don’t say something completely opposite to the purpose of the job you are applying for, they will give a more well-rounded picture of you as a person.

For instance, mentioning that you are a massive yoga fan says that you can maintain calm and focus, which is great in any case but especially for the fast-paced and vibrant world of ecommerce. Maybe you have a blog? Or can play the ukulele? Sounds like an interesting attention-grabbing thing to add to your CV indeed!

2) Soft skills make you tough

The World Economic Forum believes that 35%(!) of skills that are considered important today will change by the time we get to 2020. Scary right?! But a way to face this challenge and stand out as good candidate would be to focus on soft skills as well as the more hard, hands-on type of abilities that you surely possess.

The Business Insider has interviewed a number of top-notch HR professionals and executives about this matter. In their view, soft skills such as problem solving, working as an excellent team player, being motivated and motivating and thinking creatively are very valuable abilities which are difficult to find in candidates.

So you could keep this in mind when writing a job application or during your interview. Maybe you could mention that time when you supported one of your colleagues who was having a tough time at work, or when you had that brilliant idea about your company Christmas party.

3) Your CV makes you noticeable

We definitely cannot shout enough about how awesome our candidates are, but if your CV says that for itself that’s even better! Employers get dozens of CVs for every job posting, so you might want to think of ways to make it stand out. Be insightful and straight to the point when writing your résumé but doing so in a creative manner makes it more engaging and fun.

This is especially true if you are applying for a creative job; for example check out what our creative panda Yasmin suggests about this.

But why not try adding a creative twist to your CV anyway by browsing ideas on DeviantArt or by picking an alternative and original CV template.

4) Networking makes you likeable

It’s time to start networking! However, many people are not the most confident when it comes to networking and perceive making contacts as a daunting process. In reality, it’s easier than you think.

Think of networking not as a draining process whereby you should always be promoting yourself, but as a relationship-building activity. Be open about your connections network (which is probably bigger than you think!), be friendly and ask for tips and advice rather than jobs. Opportunities will follow suit! Us pandas are experts in networking, have a look at all of our networking tips

5) Body Language makes you trustworthy

So, your application and your phone conversation with the recruiter has gone well and now you’re preparing for the job interview. We all know that interviews are basically synonymous with stress, but a way to make your meeting go well and give you a boost of confidence is to focus on your body language.

During an interview, your verbal message only makes up a small chunk of the image that you convey to your interviewer. The rest is made up of facial expression, the way you move and your tone of voice. A useful tip would be to hold eye contact an extra lash than your interviewer, never cross your arms as it gives out a message of defensiveness and avoid nodding like a bobble-head doll. Pairing good answers with an on-point body language will make you be remembered as both trustworthy and competent. And who wouldn’t want to hire someone like that?!

Looking for a new ecommerce job?

We hope these panda pointers will send you on your way to your dream role! Be sure to explore Cranberry Panda’s latest ecommerce jobs.


This post was originally published on Cranberry Panda 

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