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Baltimore Consulting on Brexit and IR35

Charmaine Kenny, Co-Founder & Director at Baltimore Consulting Group, spoke to Recruitment Grapevine about their key values, expansion and the potential impact of Brexit…

What has been your most recent focus?

We’ve recently been focusing on the expansion of our social care and education teams. With a collective headcount of 16 now for these specialist divisions, we’ve seen a positive uplift in the volume of work we’re receiving from local authorities.

Since the transition in 2014, with the changing of statements of Special Educational Needs (SEN) to Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans, Liz Jones (Associate Director of Education) and her team have seen the demand for SEN Consultants increase dramatically, with record-level placements and financials over 2016.

What are Baltimore’s key values?

Delivering Excellence
We’re Passionate about People
Innovative in our approach to business
We excel in Team work
Our core values are contributing factors to our ongoing success. Our entire team are experts in their specialist markets. Whilst consistently delivering for both clients and candidates, we still share best practices and celebrate our colleagues’ success, which promotes a close family culture.

What does the future hold for Baltimore – do you think Brexit will have an impact on hiring?

The future for Baltimore looks extremely strong. Our 2016 figures and continued success within the public sector have allowed us to extend our recruitment offering to the third sector. We’ve also seen an increase in demand for niche, senior contractors since Brexit.

We’ve not personally seen an impact on hiring and don’t anticipate this happening following Brexit. When you work within narrow, niche markets, you have to maintain an exceptional service.

We are always looking to plan ahead – with HMRC’s recent changes to IR35 regulations coming into force, Baltimore have opted to support clients and candidates through this period of change, ensuring we continue to provide a superior service. On Wednesday 11th January, Baltimore in partnership with Brookson Accountancy Services, will hold a roadshow in London on the financial implications of IR35.

Originally published by Recruitment Grapevine Magazine & Baltimore Consulting

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