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    A multi award-winning ecommerce recruitment agency with a passion for online retail.


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    Sectors we recruit in

  • Digital
  • Ecommerce
  • Where we recruit

  • Nationwide
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    Yep, our founders have been in the industry since 1999 – and by in the industry, we don’t just mean in recruitment. Their proud history includes founding eibDigital and the legendary In fact, it was their own frustration with recruitment agencies - identifying the wrong ecommerce candidates for their businesses - that led to our development.
    You’ll find that many of our pandas have actually worked in ecommerce roles before - from online merchandising and email marketing to social media and SEO. And those that haven’t are truly passionate about the sector, going beyond the daily 9-5 to take part in tailored training sessions and attend local events and workshops.
    Here at cranberry towers, we live by our values and we’re dedicated to our purpose. We go above and beyond to ensure that we're always matching the right person to the right opportunity.


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    Cranberry Panda

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    EC2A 4BX


    0800 242 5044

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