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  • Legal
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  • London
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    Covering the City, West End, Major Regionals, High Street law firms and In-House roles across London and the South East.

    We know our market and are firm in our belief that outstanding recruitment is always about being selective, targeted and ultimately, having the intelligence to make the correct decision.

    We believe our consultants are among the best in the industry, highly skilled and with an extensive network of connections.


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    Sectors we recruit in

  • Legal
  • Where we recruit

  • London
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    At LR Legal Recruitment we employ our legal expertise and unrivaled market knowledge to accurately forecast legal vacancies then fill them as they arise. We believe that for candidates, market expertise and knowledge combined with absolute trust are the vital ingredients in a successful relationship with a recruiter. Our candidates tell us we offer great advice, support and encouragement throughout the whole process. We will help you fully prepare for a new role at each stage from CV writing through to the interview process. We will guide you with career advice and explore what opportunities might be out there to make the most of your personal development. If you need time to make a move, we’ll be patient; if you’re in a hurry we’ll move fast. Contact us today to further your career.
    Welcome to LR recruiter’s client area. LR Legal Recruitment has an exemplary track record as a legal recruiter for both Private Practice and In-House markets. 95% of our clients refer us. The perfect fit We understand that the process of finding the right person for your specific needs can be a challenging yet all important one for your firm. Having vast experience in this sector we have implemented all the elements that produce the best results. We always listen to your requirements and tailor our service to each individual client’s recruitment wishes. As an extension of a firms own HR department, we understand that we need to get it right the first time. We will help you avoid costly employment mistakes with our thorough understanding of the skills and cultural fit required for a firm. We are committed to screening all our candidates personally or through a webcam interview via skype.


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    LR Legal Recruitment

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    0208 464 2503

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